Bocat 337 Excavator Engine Drive Coupling Bocat Engine Driven
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Bocat 337 Excavator Engine Drive Coupling Bocat Engine Driven

Detailed Product Description

1. Technical Data

                           SIZE 30H40H50H110H140H160H
Nominal TorqueTknNm
Maximum TorqueTkmaxNm140016002000250040004000
Maximum Rotational speedNmaxMin-1400040004000400036003600
Nominal TorqueTknNm
Maximum TorqueTkmaxNm125280560875140021008750
Maximum Rotational speedNmaxMin-17000650060005000400040003600

2. Application Range: Main pump of excavator or other construction Machines

Couplin ready for order, John Deere excavator, JCB excavator, Bocat coupling


Coupling and excavator spare parts on delivery

  3. Factory Overview

4. Trade Fair & Exhibition

      Bauma China 2012 & 2014


5. Why chose us
A. More than 24 yeas experience in the line of the market, produce high quality excavator spare parts
 High quality at competitive price.
B. Factory manufacturer, factory price
C. One-stop purchasing. We have Trading company based on our factory, supply with various spare parts for your need, with high quality at company price, one-stop shopping, save your time to searching the parts you need urgent.
D. Timely delivery
E. Various of transportation way: Sea, Air, Bus, Express, etc 
F. Parts available in stock
A. In order to give you fast and accurate pricing information, we need some details about your engine/application and the part number of the part you want.
B. If you can not find the parts you want, feel free to contact us

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